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Logo Development
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Colour Palette
Creating Digital Product Variation Images For Ecommerce Website
The objective was to have a base image which could be used to display all the product variations. With a similar structure and different colour/finish options to choose from, we started off by taking a photograph of one installed light fitting and used it to create a masked object with a white background on which the product variations could be overlayed. In order to have the different overlay options available, we photographed the printed material options as flat images and used it to realistically overlay it on the base image.
Installed light fitting photographed to be used as base image.
Some of the printed material options photographed.
I've masked out the box, chords, bulb holders and bulbs to enable product variations for each part.
Final product variations.
Technical drawing to display the dimensions.
And finally we created visualisations of how the light fittings will look like in real environments.
Website Designed
Unfortunately the business closed down and the website isn’t active anymore.
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